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Why Green Master

GreenMaster is powerful multinational company, part of the mega industry of Wellness-business for prosperity and healthy life. Thanks to its team of professionals in areas of innovative technology, consumer goods & marketing Green Master managed to create & establish dozens of brands that became a symbol of high quality, usability and best price/perfornance value for consumers from all over the world.

Now the second decade, the company provides a fantastic opportunity for its members to become part of the greatest business in the world – direct marketing and their dreams for financial success, prosperity and happiness to become true!

What's in it For You?

Green Master gives you the best features of the internet entrepreneurship and social networks that give chance to increase your life standard.
You can get all of this in your free time, easily and quickly, sharing this opportunity with friends, coleaques and relatives!

The Green Master Business Model

Green Master Business Program implements most inovative and revolutionary features of 21st Century's entrepreneurship.
As a member of Green Master, you can start your own initiative and create your finance independence without any financial cost.

Membership Advantages

With FREE membership you receive unique opportunity to make money while having fun and get discounts for all products. Earn Smart Discount Coins and use them to receive additional discounts or transfer them to any member. Become Business Member and start receiving Personal Bonuses.


Each business member has the opportunity to earn business bonuses from 2 business teams activities. Business Team based calculation, social and personal sharing principles of the Business Bonuses distinguishes the Green Master Entrepreneur Program from all existent direct marketing loyalty models.

Internet Entrepreneurship

Participating to the Internet Entrepreneurship Program you receive additional income opportunities. Use personal web page to promote products and services offered by Green Master. Create your social community. It is a social network that enables integration with existent social media and messaging and sharing posts between members inside Green Master.

Many Benefits with Free Membership

Up to 50 % savings & additional rewards & bonuses.

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An unique opportunity to make money while having fun and get discounts on all products.

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